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Białystok is a city located in north-eastern Poland and is the administrative, economic, and academic centre of the Podlasie Region. With a population with almost 300 000 and location in the proximity of borders with Belarus, Lithuania and Russia, Białystok has evolved as a combination of many cultures, nationalities and traditions. This inspired doctor Ludwik Zamenhof, who was born in Bialystok, to create an international universal Esperanto language.

The location in the environmentally clean region, full of tourist attractions, as well as the rich infrastructure of Białystok, makes the city and surrounding area a great place for living, recreation and development of tourism. Podlasie Region, due to its exceptional environmental assets, has been termed the Green Lungs of Poland.

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Bialystok is the centre of the Podlasie region. The two nearest airports are in Warsaw, the capital of Poland: Warsaw Chopin Airport http://www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/en/index.html and Warsaw Modlin Airport http://en.modlinairport.pl/.

You can reach Białystok by train or by bus. There are the direct trains from central Warsaw which take about 2,5 hours to Białystok. For further information visit: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en. Both airports have convenient connection with Białystok by bus, to learn more visit: https://plusbus.pl/?ln=EN.

All students can apply for accommodation in Student Halls of Residence that are located on university campus. Find regulations and price list on http://www.dsnr2.pb.edu.pl/index.php/english/.

Buses are good way to get around Białystok with its good network of busses and bus stops. Buy single tickets at a bus or use a personalized e-card or BUT student`s card charged with money. Students are entitled to reduced fares, but they are obliged to present Polish Student Card or the international student’s card ISIC if requested. Visit http://bialystok.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en to find your connection and http://www.komunikacja.bialystok.pl/?page=english to learn more about prices and regulations.

Cycling is alternative form of transport allowing users to move around the city fast. BiKeR provides 46 stations with 460 bikes in Białystok. Visit https://bikerbialystok.pl/en/en to learn how to register and rent a bike.

Walking is, of course, the cheapest option and as the BUT’s campus is quite close to the centre of the city many student choose to walk around it.

The official currency in Poland is zloty (symbol is PLN). You can change money in some banks or in an exchange office (KANTOR). 1 € ~ 4,2 PLN, you can check current rates of exchange on www.nbp.pl. If you need a bank account you may choose from many banks situated close to the campus. The closest is in the main building of university.
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