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On-the-job training and internships for the best and most active students as well as joint research and development projects (concerning especially the most modern information technologies) and meetings with business practitioners – these are some of the elements of the agreement between Bialystok University of Technology and CERI International. The cooperation agreement was signed on 3 November 2015 by Prof. Lech Dzienis, BUT Rector, and Mr Miguel-Angel Rodriguez Alvarez, President of the CERI Management Board.

 CERI International (a business service centre) commenced their operations in Bialystok in July this year. Now they are employing over 50 people but the company are planning to increase the number of their employees to nearly 300 within the next 18 months. The ever-increasing number of their clients has made CERI International to open their third centre here in Bialystok.

The field of activity of CERI International is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), i.e. the contracting of various operations (e.g. accounting or IT services) to a third-party service provider. Thanks to delegating some tasks connected with their everyday operation to CERI International, companies can concentrate on developing their basic business activities.

The Faculty of Computer Science of our university is going to cooperate with CERI International in a special way, as CERI experts will evaluate the University’s educational programmes. Within their abilities, the company are going to employ the most talented graduates of Bialystok University of Technology, and also offer scholarships and prizes for outstanding diploma dissertations concerning innovative solutions or implementing CERI International products. The agreement also mentions specialist courses and training for a selected group of BUT employees.

All job advertisements are published on an ongoing basis on the CERI International website: