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2st degree Masrer studies, 4 semesters


You will find here quality education, in excellent teaching environment. Also, prepare for exciting life experience in multi-cultural community, exploring outdoors adventure and tasting incredible regional food. You will live and study in the healthiest city in Poland, with many forests, routes for bikes, very friendly people and incredible nature, wild rivers, medieval forest in Bialowieza National Park. Warsaw attractions are just three hours away by direct bus with internet on board (bus ticket is 3 Euro).

Much data is available today - How to transform it into knowledge, and use data for competitive business advantage is a million dollar question companies strive to answer. Our Data Science Graduate Program prepares you for a wide range of data management and analytics jobs that are in great demand in virtually all businesses today.

Graduates will be prepared to take the challenge of working in any environment that involves collection, storage, processing and interpretation of data. In particular, graduates will become experts in:

  • databases,
  • computer graphics, 
  • data visualization and communication, 
  • computer networks, 
  • distributed data storage and processing, 
  • data storage, 
  • data analytics, 
  • data mining; 


Data Science Master's degree

Admission to programmes conducted in foreign languages