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Computer Science Faculty of Bialystok University of Technology is currently a leading research and education unit in the north-eastern Poland. It is renowned for employing professional staff and boasts a great number of precocious students. It enjoys favourable ratings of the State Accreditation Committee. It confers the doctor’s degree in computer sciences and has been awarded a title of the Centre of Excellence for Information Technology Society. The Faculty of Computer Science has been granted permission to confer D.Sc. degrees in the discipline of computer science.

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science of BUT
Assoc. Prof. Marek Krętowski, DSc, PhD, Eng
phone: +48 85 746-90-51

All the units are responsible for both general course and specialist studies and also carry out research work in the field of their specialities. The organizational structure of the faculty is indirectly based on the very nature of the computer science itself, which is defined as both theoretical and practical study dealing with acquiring, storing, transmitting and processing information. The Faculty is divided into the following units: