Faculty of Computer Science

About us

LogoFaculty of Computer Science of Bialystok University of Technology is currently a leading research and education unit in the north-eastern Poland. It is renowned for employing professional staff and boasts a great number of precocious students. It enjoys favourable ratings of the State Accreditation Committee. It confers the doctor’s degree in computer sciences and has been awarded a title of the Centre of Excellence for Information Technology Society. The Faculty of Computer Science has been granted permission to confer D.Sc. degrees in the discipline of computer science.

The main objective of the Faculty of Computer Science is to give students education of the highest quality. The students acquire programming skills and get acquainted with the latest software and hardware systems. In the faculty are available the following courses of studies: computer science, applied mathematics and computer science and econometry.

University graduates land interesting and well-paid jobs in Poland and abroad. Current development trends open new vistas of creating technological centres that offer rewarding jobs in the region for highly educated and skilled computer specialists.

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