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More Entrepreneurial Life at European Schools (MELES)

MELESThe primary target of MELES project is introduction to the curriculum items aimed at gaining knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. In the face of increasing unemployment may become a stimulus to select alternative career paths for young people by increasing their economic potential, independence and job satisfaction. The project is implemented in the departments that have just a little experience in teaching entrepreneurship or do not have all. Classes will be conducted in the target multi-disciplinary groups. Classes are designed to equip young people with the right skills, so that they consciously pursue new business opportunities, evaluate the risks of decisions in professional life and develop their interests.

The MELES project allows both students and teachers develop skills that have so far been neglected in the curriculum. Also allows for cooperation between higher education institutions, representing different fields of study. It also introduces unconventional and innovative methods of teaching, displacing the traditional approach to the teaching process.

More Entrepreneurial Life at European Schools

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