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Council of Entrepreneurs at the Faculty of Computer Science of BUT

Currently, the Faculty actively cooperates with employers through joint initiatives aimed at changing education programs with a focus on the labor market. Together with representatives of employers was developed education program of a new direction Computer Science and Econometrics and Computer Science.

On November 21, 2012 there were  an organizational meeting of the Council of Entrepreneurs at the Faculty of Computer Science. Further meetings are held regularly, at least twice a year.

The tasks of the Council of Entrepreneurs belong:

  1. Evaluation and modification of educational programs for training in accordance with the needs of the labor market
  2. Development of the program of internships
  3. Implementation of the system for reporting by companies subjects of theses
  4. Joint projects of R & D staff of the Faculty of Computer Science and companies
  5. The training of employees of companies in the Computer Science Department

The main areas of cooperation with entrepreneurs include joint development of educational offer takes into account the needs of the labor market and initiating joint ventures. Specialists of the company include the modification of training programs in the fields of computer science and applied mathematics and computer science and econometrics, so that graduates are better prepared to enter the labor market. Both the formula of the Council of Entrepreneurs, as well as the list of companies involved in it are open. Each time an invitation to a meeting of the Council is directed to an ever greater range of institutions willing to cooperate with the Faculty in the field of study programs, practices and internships the students. One of the most interesting activities carried out jointly by the Faculty and the Council of Entrepreneurs is Bialostocki Test in Computer Science (so far conducted three times: in 2013, 2014,  2015).

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